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Renaissance Wedding Planner


Names: ________________________and__________________________

Date: __________________ Time:  ______________

Number in Wedding Party:  ______________

Number of Guests:  ______________

Location:    St. Nicholas Chapel___ /On the Lawn ___ /Other ________________*

Bride’s Dress: _______________________________

Bridal Party Period Dress: _________________________ (Yes/No and needed)


                          Rental costumes are available and can be reserved. (Additional cost).

Colors: _______________________________

Flowers: _________________________Provided to Bride and at Wedding Feast

                                    (Garlands for wedding party are available.)

Cake: Include in Package ___________________ Provided by Wedding Party_____

                                                     (Type of Cake)


Officiating: Fr. Patrick McReynolds___ /Ken Slack ___ /Other________________

Photographer: ________ Photos at ceremony and feast as well as throughout the day.

Music: ____________________________ Musicians available during the ceremony.

Special Song:____________________


Ceremony Extras

The King’s Greeting:  _______ 

Honor Guard Arch of Swords: _______

Feast:         Number of Guests:______              Time:  ________

       The feast, served at the Whitethorne Inn, may include the following:

       Fruit, Raw Vegetables, Cheese, Breads, Main Meat Dish, 2 Side Dishes.

       Champagne and non-alcoholic beverages


       Musicians available during the feast.


       *  Stages and other areas may be available.


Tell us your dream and we will try to make it happen.




 Items marked with " * " are included in a complete wedding package for $2000.00.

*Wedding Party:  Festival Entry

 Guests:              Up to 50 guests $300.00    Additional Guests $5.00 each

                                * Up to 100 wedding party and guests -Package Item

*Site Rental:         $500.00


*Music:                     Package Item

Flowers:                   *Bride’s Bouquet - Package Item

                                    Additional Garlands $10.00 each

*Cake:                          Serves up to 100            $250.00

Photographer:         Includes Select Prints and Disc   $400.00


Ceremony Extras

*The King’s Greeting:                         $40.00

*Honor Guard Arch of Swords:          $80.00 to $100.00

*Feast:                                                         $15.00 per person

                                                                        *Package Item up to 100 people

*Musicians during the Ceremony:       $100.00