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The Village of Pleasance is located on the site of the Northwest Renaissance Festival, near Spokane, WA.  We, my daughter Lynne and I, decided that peacocks would add to the atmosphere at the festival site.  This was not a lightly made decision but the time seemed right.  One of Lynne's professors had peafowl and would give her some for free.  Lynne was also living at the site and would be able to care for them.  I would act as off site support.  So it began with two peacocks.

A Dozen+ Years Later - Lynne graduated from Gonzaga University (with honors) a few years ago and now teaches many miles away.  I have moved to within walking distance of the festival site.  The Peacock population has grown to about 20 adult peafowl and, with luck, new babies each year.

The peacocks have added to the festival and have many fans that visit just to see them.  But more than that they have been an education tool.  For example, the children that visit have learned that we do not pull out peacock feathers but the feathers come out just like children's baby teeth with new ones growing in their place.  All of us have learned to understand that these big birds do not think like people.  I can guess what the peacocks are thinking by the way they communicate with each other.  I also know what some of their sounds mean but contrary to popular belief, I don't speak peacock.  They are still, in many ways, a mystery to me.

We have many years of stories as anyone with peacocks will have. Click here for Fowl Stories.

This web site is here to share stories and information about peafowl. Click here for About Peafowl.

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