Northwest Renaissance Festival


Merchants & Vendors



NWRF is always interested in new Vendors.  Vendors that demonstrate their craft may be eligible for special vendor rates. Although we emphasize the show at our festival, the vendors are our village and we all try to show our appreciation with our patronage.

If you want to have a booth at The Northwest Renaissance Festival,

please contact us through our Vendor Manager, Tienne Rogers.

Click Here for Vendor Information:    VendorPacket.htm


  Merchants of Pleasance

With more merchants arriving weekly, our merchant list may vary. Much like the markets of old, our offerings vary daily.

Mystik Gypsys Trading Co. - Kuchi Tribal Jewelry, Incense, Hats, Clothes, Henna Tattoos, Fortune Telling.

The Golden Peacock - Clarice Koontz: gram27and8@aol.comVarious Pretties, Beaded Bags, Jewelry, Feather Fans and Cockades, Garlands.

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Auntie's Table

(Art by Nan Hall)  Iced Cream and Strawberries! Sodas and ice treats.


Argonaut Cafe with Jason's Java

Hot or ice drinks from the new world


Whitethorne Inn

Food, Soft Drinks and Beer

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Games - Games of Skill for All Ages Throughout the Festival.

Information Booth  - Maps, Tapes/CDs, Festival Souvenirs.


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The Pickleman - Ice Cold Pickles.

Gerald Whitehurst:


Implements of Destruction - Swords, Knives, and Jewelry


Wigmalerie - Jewelry and Such.

Forge and Thistle - Drinking, Blowing Horns; Leather Bags, Pouches, Mugs and Belts; Wooden Storage Boxes and Trunks; Hand Forged Items like Knives and Portable Holes.

Thistledome Beads - Vintage Jewelry, Leather Bags, Chain Mail Bags and Jewelry.  Chaimail Making Classes.

Village Artist - Face Painting.


Thank you to the vendors that have visited us in the past!


Pressed Flower Art - by Rebekah

Empress Jewelry Unique stone jewelry by Empress Rachel.

Prose & Steel - Jess Roe -

All the latest in arms a well dressed lord (or lady)  or military man would want. Swords, knives, Daggers,Axes, Pole Arms, Belts, and belt pouches.

Anna's Fashions - Anna Herman -

Beautiful renaissance clothing to greet the eye of peasant and noble alike.  Jewelry to accent your wardrobe along with incense and soaps.

Seven Meadows Archery  A large selection of archery products and accessories.

Firebird Arts and Music   A large selection of many products to choose from such as Celtic tapestries and bags, jewelry, CD's, books and shirts.

Dress Me Beautiful    Nanette Gallas -    Embroidered dresses - tapestries (Celtic and other), wrap pants, wrap skirts, sarongs, beaded & crystal jewelry, beaded slippers shoes, ladies straw hats, beaded purses.