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SMILE   Our main product is entertainment; therefore, smile and you will produce smiles. 

The patron is always treated as if they are correct.  

RESPECT   Be polite and respectful of others. Every year we find ourselves working very close with each other creating the festival. It should go without saying, that a task is made easier through cooperation and respect. Everyone should be treated, as we ourselves would like to be treated. 

This community is our home; please show courtesy to locals. 

PROPERTY OF OTHERS   Do not touch, pickup, fold, spindle or mutilate things that are not your own. Many of the props, costume items, and tools of our trade are not easy to come by or inexpensive.  Meddling with vendor stock and/or stealing will not be tolerated. A person caught stealing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. 

YOUR CHARACTER   During the festival day, remain in character. The fantasy is what it’s all about folks! The fact that you can enter a gate and feel like you have been transported back in time to a place, where none of your worries exists, is magical and thrilling. 

COMPLY WITH DRESS CODE   Our costumes must give the people around us the feeling of stepping back in time. If you have questions about what to wear as Renaissance fashion, please call one of the Directors.   

Basic Female Costume consists of the following: 

* Chemise (under dress/blouse) 

* Bodice 

* Long skirt (women did not normally wear pants during this era)  

* Hat or head covering  

Basic Man’s Costume consists of the following:  

* Shirt               

* Peasant – w/o vest or jerkin 

* Noble – doublet 

* Trousers or tights and slops  

* Hat – By Royal Order 

HARASSMENT Potential harassment, sexual or otherwise, will not be tolerated. In the state of Washington, any behavior that makes one feel threatened or uncomfortable, is harassment. If you think you might be going too far, don't do it. Such behavior at this festival will not be tolerated. Beside any possible legal action we might take, harassment is most certainly your fastest ticket out of the festival. This applies to everyone, patron and participant alike. If you feel harassed, go to someone in management so we can take action. 

Role-play VS. Acting   As a member of the cast of the NWRF, you are considered to be an actor. Role-play is the acting out of one’s personal ambitions for the character they are portraying and such behavior detracts from the task of presenting a quality performance to our patrons. Acting is the use of your character to further the show and lend to the pleasure of our audience. An actor can laugh at his character’s flaws as others see them. Whereas someone, who is role playing, views their character’s flaws as something that should be down played and not impinge on their character’s dignity. 

FESTIVAL ANIMALS   We have so many animals at the festival, from pigs and horses, to chickens and peacocks. If you have not been tutored in handling them and assigned to do so, DON’T. When necessary, protect them. Patrons and their children are often not aware of the possible damage or danger they present to the animals, or the animals to them. 

Drugs and ALCOHOL   If you have a prescription for medication, please take it as directed. Be sure to notify our medical personal of any medical condition, such as diabetes, so they can take it into account when dealing with you during any emergency. 

If you have illegal possession of a controlled substance, we will have no choice but to eject you and contact local law enforcement. 

Alcohol should not be consumed by participants of the festival before the joust.  This includes cast, performers, vendors and management.

Alcohol will not be sold or in any way provided to minors on the festival site. Anyone involved in providing a minor with alcohol will be removed from the festival grounds and may be prosecuted.


1.       During production hours, 9:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. Saturday and Sunday, entrance will only be allowed to the festival grounds by pass or ticket through the front gate. Participants must have NWRF Festival ID on their person at all times. 

2.       Anyone staying on-site overnight or on the festival site on non-festival days must have the approval of the Site Manager and pay a campsite fee.     

3.       Vehicles must be parked as specified by management.  Side roads are not to be used during production hours, 10:00 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. Saturday and Sunday. 

4.       If staying at the site overnight, reduce noise, in consideration for others that really do need sleep, by 10:00 P.M. 

5.       Pets are not allowed in the festival production area. Pets in the camping area must be restrained or controlled at all times. The Festival Director and the Site Manager must approve any exceptions to this rule. Owners are at all times responsible for the actions of their pets. 

6.       No open fires. Smoking in designated areas only. The fire hazard requires strict enforcement of this rule.  

7.       If any potentially unsafe conditions are observed, report them to Management as soon as possible. 

8.       Dispose of trash properly. Please carry out what you bring to the site.  Do not place personal garbage in garbage cans on the festival site.

9.       Respect vendor space after hours.


NWRF is here to help you succeed and have fun. If you have questions, call one of the following: 

Festival Director   Tienne Rogers     509-276-7728