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The festival cast is selected by auditions each year. We start auditions in March.  Orientation is our first gathering, the beginning of our work to become an ensemble, and the forms and information meeting. Parts are normally assigned prior to Orientation.

We often find family members, or friends of our cast members, are interested after they hear about us. Therefore the auditions remain open until a few weeks before festival.

We begin training immediately after auditions.  Your chances for an important "bit" is better the longer you are with us prior to festival.


Training begins with the Costuming Workshop. At this workshop cast members learn what they would be wearing as their character during the time period we are presenting. We discuss the "do's and don't's" and provide information on buying, having your costume made or making your own costume.

The next few meetings may be at a Spokane library or another location in Spokane or Nine Mile Falls.  At these meetings the cast learns the proper etiquette and manners of their characters class.  They learn the speech of the time period.  They also learn the historical facts and current events of the time period we are presenting.  This is when we work on the background for our show.

We begin working on improvisational skills starting at the Orientation meeting. Improv is very important.  Each cast member must be able to answer random questions and remain in character throughout a festival day.  Some of our funniest moments are improvisation.

Work begins at the site in mid April.  Outdoor theater in the round requires special skills in voice and movement.  Weekly workshops hone these skills.

We train the cast to perform outdoor-interactive-theater in the round.

Things to Print out:

Code of Conduct    

Minor Camping Form



Stage Shows:   

The stage shows are not always part of the regular cast activities.  Groups such as Comedia or the Perpetually Pleasant Peasants of Pleasance are open to cast participation and auditions for the stage shows are separate from the cast auditions. This is a fun addition to your performance and some money is involved. Each performance group may get tips, and possible other renumeration, and they detemine how that is going to be divided or spent at the end of festival. 


The Stage:  

Our stage is the festival grounds that is open to the public and the cast and management work together to make the stage a welcoming place for our audience/visitors.  We like everyone to take ownership of their stage to make it the renaissance village backdrop for the performance.


The Festival: