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Minor camper must have this form submitted to the Camp Supervisor BEFORE camping.

Select and Print ALL of the text below:

Northwest Renaissance Festival

Minor Camping Permission Slip


Name of Minor  _____________________________________________

 1.       I give permission for the above named minor to camp at the site of the Northwest Renaissance Festival. 

 2.     I have read and I understand the Rules and the Code of Conduct of the Northwest Renaissance Festival, Inc., and I understand the rules are for the safety and welfare of the above named minor and others.

 3.     I will not hold NWRF, Tienne L. Rogers, Gerald M. Whitehurst, etal, responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.

 4.     Liability from injury, disability, or death is my obligation and I shall indemnify and hold NWRF, Tienne L. Rogers, Gerald M. Whitehurst, etal, harmless from and against liability.

 5.     The adult(s) that I authorize to act as my agent while ____________________________________ is camping at the site is/are (please print):



 I also state that I am the legal guardian of the named minor.

 Signature of Parent/Guardian:  __________________________________ Date:  __________________

                                            Print Name: _________________________________ Telephone: __________________

 This Permission Slip applies for the following time period (dates):  _____________________________________________________________________________________

 In case of an emergency, notify the following person(s):

Name: ______________________________________ Telephone: __________________

Name: ______________________________________ Telephone: __________________

Name: ______________________________________ Telephone: __________________

Preferred hospital:  ______________________________________